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Kaanb is an Istanbul based clothing sourcing agency that was founded in Nov 2010 by M. Pınar Bayoğlu. Offering valuable services in supply chain & materials management, garment development and sustainable production, Kaanb manages a network over 20 manufacturing sites specialized in flat knit, jersey, woven, denim and swimwear products to meet their customer demands.

Thanks to Bayoğlu family’s’ 55 years background in yarn production, the agency is blessed with a discrete portfolio of fabric mills which offer a wide range of sourcing capabilities as well as competitive price points.

Supplier Compliance and Governance, Audits, Supply Chain Transparency, Traceability, Visibility and Sustainability are key areas covered through their team of 29 experienced members. Kaanb has been a key supplier for major brands in United Kingdom for over a decade and strives to grow their contribution to English Fashion for many years to come.